Circling Lent: Night

Super moon over Perce RockI don’t do a lot of night time photography, mostly because I can barely stay awake after 10, much be out and about. And since I am primarily a fair weather photographer, I don’t do a lot of winter photography either.

However, on a trip up the Gaspé Coast of Quebec a few years ago, I took this picture from our hotel which overlooked Percé Rock. We had picture perfect weather for the three days we were there, we took an unintended 10k hike when we inadvertently took the LONGEST trail around Bonaventure Island. It remains one of my favourite memories.

This picture reminds of the softness that sometimes comes with night time and that reflections are created over and over. Imagine, the sun reflecting off the moon, reflecting off the water.

“And there was evening and there was morning, the first day.”

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