Circling Lent: Astonish

AstonishThis story comes from my mother, Irma MacDonald, she writes:

Further to today’s Lent word ……astonished.

Maybe astonished isn’t the right word to use. I don’t know how many of you knew that I was missing the diamond that Dad used to have in his ear.(My father died almost 3 years ago). At any rate I had taken it out to clean and couldn’t put it back in so I put it in a small pouch to take home with me at Christmas. (My mother spends most of the winter in Florida) The long and the short of it is, when I got home it wasn’t in the pouch. I searched high and low for it, turned the lining inside out in my purse, and tore my suitcase apart looking for it.I was heartbroken as you can well imagine.

While I was talking to Shelley this morning I was fiddling around in my jewellery case and there it was. She can well tell you how I reacted. As you know we have had a leak in the spare bedroom ceiling and when I found that diamond…….the sounds I made made her think the whole ceiling had come down.

I had been in that jewellery case many times since I returned here in January.

One thought on “Circling Lent: Astonish

  1. so happy that you found the missing diamond. I can imagine how much this means to you. Miracles happen all around us.

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