Come and Gather at the Stable

Tune Beach Spring

Come and gather, at the stable
They have journeyed far from home
Mary, Joseph, young and able
Travelled ways as yet unknown
With a dream of untold promise
That great things would come to pass
In the sureness of God’s blessing
They found peace and rest as last.

Come and gather, round the manger
Where the Christ child gently lays.
Open up our hearts to wonder
At the glory of that day.
Visit him with thanks and promise,
Peace and hope and love and joy
Take them daily into living
Wrapped up in a baby boy.

Come and gather, at the table
Where we seek him once again
Let us enter into mystery
Needed now as much as then.
In the breaking of the sweet bread
In the pouring of the wine,
We meet him again among us
With a love so dear, divine.

Come and gather, in his footsteps
We will tread where he once went
With the lost and lonely people
Now to them we’re also sent
Loving, working, tending, caring
In our Saviour’s name we pray
In our work and in our worship
We find hope in every day.

© Catherine MacDonald 2005

I wrote this after being frustrated by the lack of Christmas Eve communion hymns.

5 thoughts on “Come and Gather at the Stable

  1. I am glad your system sent this to me, acting up or not. It is beautiful and I enjoyed reading it very prayfully.

  2. Catherine, are you aware that 8-9 Christmas themed posts are coming out today? I wonder if the system is acting up or whether you are trying to get us in the Christmas spirit in July…

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