People of the Way

Tune – Blanwyrn

People of the way draw nearer,
people of the truth, the life.
Come together round the table,
Gathering can end all strife.
Food and blessing, prayers and promise
Nourishment for body and soul.
Jesus feeds us, Jesus stirs us.
Let us make the entire earth whole.

When we open up to wonder
When we open up to love
Life, abundant, overflowing
Wild as fire, calm as dove
Male and female, rainbow hued.
Young and old, gay and straight.
Jesus shows us, Jesus calls us.
Let us work to end all hate.

When we join with one another.
When we follow Jesus’ way.
We will change the world forever.
Change through work and change through play.
All are welcome on faith’s journey
Open to the Spirit’s guide
Jesus shifts us, Jesus loves us,
Let us all stand tall with pride.

© Catherine MacDonald 2014


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