Sacred Stories

Tune – Come and Find the Quiet Centre – Beach Spring or many 8787D tunes.

Sacred stories, shared with others,
form a faith that’s strong and true
Sacred places, etched with meaning,
bringing hope and joy anew.
Sacred memories, sacred future,
sacred present, here and now.
Sacred knowing, sacred being,
Sacred living be our vow.

I wrote this, inspired by Marcia MacFee’s Sacred theme for Advent 2013

Then inspired by Maritime Conference’s 2018 Annual Meeting theme: #TrueStory, I wrote a second verse:

Sacred stories, shared with strangers
Sacred stories, shared with friends.
Sacred stories, bind us closely
Shaped by ties that will not end.
Sacred waters of baptism
Sacred bread and sacred wine
Sacred humans, sacred living
With God’s purpose we still shine.



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