We Are the Light

Tune: Sine Nomine

We are the light; we shine both near and far.
We are the dust, expanding distant stars.
We seek to be, God’s light throughout the earth.
Let’s shine our light, let’s shine our light.

We are the salt, we season life anew.
We save and restore, we bless and we renew.
We seek to be, God’s salt throughout the earth.
Let’s be the salt, let’s be the salt.

Sometimes we lose, our hope, our power, our way.
Sometimes the world seems bleak in brightest day.
We pray and yearn, yet even when we stray.
We seek our God, we seek our God.

We thank our God, for faithful presence shown.
We are reminded we are not alone
God is our strength, our refuge and our home.
We praise our God, we praise our God.

© Catherine MacDonald 2016

Written for the United Church’s Stewardship Program: Called to be the Church: Salt and Light




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