Friday Five – Snacks

Roasted Mixed Veggies.jpg

Not a snack, but I do love the veggies we get from Taproot Farms

For all of us who are clergy, this is a time of year when things pile on things. Events, emotions, eating! I am guilty for eating at my desk in front of my computer all year long.

Today’s Friday Five question: What do you keep in your desk/office for quick snacks or meals? As someone who has struggled with too much weight for most of my adult life, I try NOT to keep snacks in my office! Hmm… I just realized that in my brain, snacks are unhealthy. Despite the fact that I eat a snack both morning and afternoon. Usually fruit and/or yoghurt as I am once again attending Weight Watchers.

The key to maintaining my energy and nutrition is to pack a healthy lunch and snacks. Which is no trouble if I am home the night before, then I usually just pack up leftovers but the nights that I don’t get home until 9:30, it’s a whole other story! I usually pack my snacks with my lunch/supper, so if I am too tired lazy, to pack it, I don’t have any snacks either. And that’s when healthy eating goes off the rails.

Now that Clementines are in the stores, I will bring a box to the church and leave it in the fridge. I often keep yoghurt there as well. So my five is more of a list what I am going to keep at the church: clementines, yoghurt, laughing cow cheese, naan thins, tuna.

I would love to find a great tasting granola or protein bar that isn’t really high in calories or sugar. Suggestions?



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