Friday Five – Road Trip!

View from the wharf.

Bonaventure Island- Photography Road Trip 2014

My father was in the Air Force and so we took MANY road trips! We moved every few years: from northern Manitoba to New Brunswick to Quebec then Manitoba and then Labrador, although we had to fly to Labrador as there was no road access in 1970.

1. What is your must-have snack? My first road trip of any length as an adult was when I set off for Newfoundland on internship, my mother gave me a package with peanut butter cookies and molasses cookies. I was instantly transported back to childhood trips when we headed to my father’s new posting. I blame my life long love of potato chips on those early trips, and the stops along the way to buy chips.  

2. What do you like to listen to? When I am alone, I listen to a variety of podcasts, with someone else, we usually enjoy conversation. 

3. Are you all about the journey (ie, lots of stops) or the destination (no stopping, we need to get there)? Depends on the purpose. I love going on road trips without a destination or time frame. 

4. What is one item you bring along? My camera, ever since I was introduced to photography as a spiritual practice, it’s not ever very far from my side. 

5. What is the farthest you are willing to drive in one day? About 800 kilometers or 500 miles. 

2 thoughts on “Friday Five – Road Trip!

  1. Every time I was home for a weekend or holiday from college, I left with a plate of cookies etc. Sometimes they all made it back and sometimes they didn’t. 🙂

  2. I’m fascinated by how many people are saying “camera,” when we (almost) all have cameras in our phones. There’s something different, more intentional, about pulling out the camera. (Not to mention better pictures, in skilled hands). Thanks for playing!

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