Friday Five – Advent

Christmas 2013Advent Traditions – For many years, I dreamed of a the perfectly decorated home, with presents wrapped under the tree, a perfectly cleaned house and lots of time for baking and soaking up the season. The reality is, I have scaled back my expectations. But here are five that are central to my enjoyment and anticipation of the season.

  1. I like to get the house decorated early in December.
  2. I My youngest granddaughter, now 7, has come over for the past 5 years to help decorate the Christmas tree and this year, she is coming over to do some Christmas crafts as well.
  3. I used to do a lot of baking, and still would like to as I love to bake, the last few years I make shortbread for me and something my husband has requested. That might involve either or both of my grandchildren.
  4. I usually take my youngest granddaughter shopping for a Christmas dress.
  5. Attend a worship service, often a Blue Christmas service, in order to pause and reflect and remember.

I never had the opportunity to do any of these things with my older granddaughter because she didn’t come into my life until she was 8, and is now 20, so I cherish being able to do them with my youngest one.

One thought on “Friday Five – Advent

  1. A very nice list of traditions! I too have scaled back from getting caught up in the frenzy and self-appointed expectations. I enjoy the holidays so much more not that I take a more minimal approach.

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