Friday Five – Shifting Gears

1) What kind of car are you driving, and does it shift for you, or do you shift manually? I drive a red Kia Soul! I shift manually… partly because I am a control freak… partly because my commute takes me into a different weather system, and one of my churches is on a twisty road, and I like the ability to gear down rather than just break. 

2) Is your menu shifting with the change in nature’s seasons? What’s your “go to” food at this time of year for ease and comfort? I eat far fewer greens at this time of the year. While we have roasted vegetables for years for supper times, I have just started making enough so that I can take some the next day for lunch. What can I say, sometimes I am a slow learner!  

3) What eases up for you as we turn a calendar corner into December? Evening meetings. Such a delight to be home for supper most days, even if I am driving home in the dark. 

4) What cranks up for you as we turn that corner? Baking, which I love, social engagements, which I also love, but have to be selective about. Bulletin prep as multiple services are created. 

5) What do you look forward to most as December/Advent bursts upon the scene? That’s a hard one to answer… I love that my church wants to do a study during Advent, I love that attendance increases in December.  I love the quiet, contemplative service of Comfort & Hope we host a week before Christmas. I love seeing the lights as I drive home, I love decorating the house and tree, my youngest (8) granddaughter is coming over this week to help decorate the tree, as she has since she was 3 or 4. I love that we close the office between Christmas and New Years and while I am still on call for emergencies, I can stay at home in my pjs if I want. 

What are you looking forward to this December?

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