Friday Five – Home


The home that my husband and I built 5 1/2 years ago…  the same year we got married!

It’s Friday Five at RevGals and the question today is  about home. What makes home ‘home?’

Safe home, safe home.
May the road be clear.
May you miss the storm.
May the light be on,
And the fire warm.
Safe home, safe home,
Safe home.

These words, which I sang  with the You Gotta Sing Chorus a few years ago, have been swirling in my head a number of time this past month as I have traveled home in stormy weather.  The words and melody have a particular resonance which often brings a lump to my throat and tear to my eye. I was learning it when my father died somewhat unexpectedly and it has been echoing in my head once again as I learned of the death of my ministry mentor a week ago. You can listen to it here performed by the writers.

  1. Comfortable surroundings, texture and colour and arrangement of furniture have a powerful impact on me.
  2. Books and coffee and wine!
  3. Loved ones – Although 15 years of singleness taught me that home doesn’t require loved ones to be living with you.  Holding hands and saying grace with my husband (and whoever else is over) at suppertime.
  4. Cats – The lack of other energy in my home when my cat died was profound.
  5. The ocean! Despite the fact that I did not grow up anywhere close to the ocean, it’s home to me.

What is ‘home’ for you?


4 thoughts on “Friday Five – Home

  1. #3…I so agree. In my second to last call, the secretary asked me if any of my siblings were married. I said, only my older brother. We rest of us, 3, are all single. She said (and I kid you not)…what’s the matter with all of you???

  2. Funny but I have been asking myself this question for the last week or so now. I have been half heartly trying to sell my house for a couple of years because I don’t know exactly where I want to go. I am feeling where I live now is just a house not a home. I live alone. I feel so much joy whenever I go back to Cape Breton I have to say that is where home is. I am afraid to move there because of issues with family doctors so I have been asking where else can I make home. Timely question Catherine but more and more I think it will be Cape Breton.

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