Friday Five – Simple Pleasures

The RevGals are playing Friday Five again today, this time it is about simple pleasures.

My simple pleasures:

  1. Warm, fuzzy socks… I like to go barefoot at home, even in the middle of winter,  I don’t like my feet confined in anything. But this winter, I discovered the joy of wearing my husbands hunting socks! The perfect combination of loose fitting and warmth. Socks
  2. Playing Scrabble or Words With Friends on-line.
  3. Coffee that is ready in the morning when I wake up.
  4. Books and reading material, I still remember the thrill of having my own library card when I was 6 or 7 and being allowed to go by myself.
  5. My body’s ability… even with the normal aches and pains that come along with my age…

What are your simple pleasures?

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