Friday Five!

The Friday Five questions from RevGalsChocolate Turtle Cake3

  1. Besides cookies, muffins, and ice cream, what’s something chocolate chips are good in? Ah… my mouth, straight from the package when I need a chocolate fix! But also this cake, there were chocolate and toffee bits between the layers. 
  2. Besides official holidays and your birthday, what’s the best day of the year? December 26th, providing it’s not a Sunday! In our house, it’s ‘Gift Appreciation Day.’ A day set aside to simply be after the madness that is ministry in December. We stay in our jammies, eat leftovers, watch mindless TV, play Scrabble on-line against each other. Basically, we do whatever we want.  
  3. Besides toilet paper and pantry items, what’s something in your house you make sure never to run out of? Books! Less of a worry now with electronic books. 
  4. Besides relatives, teachers, and coaches, who gave you the most memorable advice growing up? Is there anybody left? As an ‘air force brat’ I never lived in one place long enough to build relationships with my friends’ parents. 
  5. Besides junk mail, subscriptions, greeting cards, and stuff you ordered online, what’s something great that came in the mail recently? Does anyone get anything exciting in the mail anymore? 

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