Friday Five – They Say It’s Your Birthday!

Over at RevGalBlogPals, the questions this week are all abouKitchen Aidt birthdays!

1) Are you a cake or pie person? What type do you savor on your big day? Definitely a cake person. Devil’s Food Cake. 

2) Growing up, did you have a favorite “birthday meal?” How about now? I don’t remember a favourite birthday meal growing up. Maybe I should ask my mother. Now, I am just happy if I am home for supper on my birthday rather than at a church meeting. Although there have been a couple of times that there has been cake at those meetings! 

3) What birthday traditions or rituals from younger days have followed you into adulthood? I can’t think of any. 

4) What’s the most memorable gift or celebration you ever received for your birthday? Two things come to mind: A joint ‘Centennial Party’ when my brother-in-law and I were turning 50. Our birthdays are only six weeks apart and we have many of the same friends, and of course some relatives in common! And the birthday that my husband gave me a Kitchen Aid Mixer. Three years later I am still delighted and appreciative every time I use it. And it’s RED! 

5) How do you like to celebrate others on their day? If it’s a friend, I like to go out for lunch with them. For family members, we do a ‘Quarterly Birthday Bash.’ We have a large extended family, most of whom live fairly close, so get together to celebrate all the birthdays in that quarter. I love to bake, it relaxes me, and the more complicated the better, so generally I make at least one of the cakes for these events. For my husband, I make a special meal. 

If you play the Friday Five on your blog, please share the link in the comments so we can read your responses and show some nonbirthday love! Unless, of course, it IS your birthday today, in which case we want to make a fuss.

8 thoughts on “Friday Five – They Say It’s Your Birthday!

  1. I borrowed Catherine’s mixer (Catherine is my sister) one year to do my Christmas baking, and because of that, my husband bought me one the next year for Christmas!! It too, is red!!

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