Friday Five – Lucky 13!

It’s Random Friday Five over at RevGals.  DSC01809

1.  Folklore has it that 13 is unlucky.  Some rabble rousers think that 13 is lucky.  Do you have a lucky number, lucky “thing”, lucky anything that goes wherever you go? I have a ‘lucky’ button that it usually in the pocket of my robe when I am preaching; I blogged about it here.  

2.  How is God working in your life these days? In the affirmation and the encouragement of those involved in the Spiritual Direction program I am participating in.

3.  I happen to love Valentine’s Day.  Because I love to spread the love, all kinds of love.  Who has been a special valentine (not necessarily romantic–remember there are three kinds of love! probably more!) to you lately? In getting to know my new congregation and delighting in their responsiveness and their concern for the community.  

4. Any good quotes or sayings you want to share? “For my part, I prefer my heart to be broken. It is so lovely, dawn-kaleidoscopic within the crack.” – D. H. Lawrence.

5. If you could have lunch with one of the following, who would it be, what would you order, and what is one question you would ask?    A. Beyonce   B.  Elizabeth Warren   C.  Michelle Obama   D. Ellen   F. Hilary Clinton   G.  Lady GaGa   F.  —fill in the blank— I would choose Amal Clooney and ask her why she took her husband’s name.  

The image is a potato that we received in our box of veggies last summer.

Have fun playing!!

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