Friday Five – Reign of Christ

Over at Revgals, it’s Friday Five time!

This Sunday (for liturgical calendar types) is The Reign of Christ, aka Christ the King, aka last Sunday of the church year. In honor of the occasion, a Friday Five:

1. What is your favorite semi-obscure church-calendar observance (ie, not Christmas or Easter)? November 25th, St. Catherine’s Day of course! 😉 I think we should all celebrate our saints name day! 

2. Something you are looking forward to in Advent? Decorating the Christmas tree with my youngest granddaughter, she and I have done it together every year since she was 3, she is now 9.


She is 6 here. 

3. An event or happening in the past year that was particularly meaningful or memorable. Being installed as President of Maritime Conference. Such a privilege to serve the wider church is this time of transition. 


4. Personal rule about the scheduling of Christmas decorating. No real rules… I like to decorate early in December, partly because my schedule gets a little tight after that. I love to sit in the living room with the tree lights on in the morning with my coffee and in the evening. 

5. Holiday food that you are anticipating with glee. Shortbread! Which is being baked today because of a Christmas Tea and Sale one of my churches is having. Baking is a real pleasure for me, so I am happy to contribute in this way. 


Shortbread for the Christmas Tea & Sale


4 thoughts on “Friday Five – Reign of Christ

  1. My ordination day is St. Cecelia, as well as CS Lewis. And then my birthday is St. Genevieve- patron of Paris. Great days to celebrate! Advent- I love unwrapping the variety of Creches, and especially scattering the wise ones throughout the house, a tradition started when our children were small and still insisted upon. This past year, celebrating Sukkoth with our new synagogue partners in our Christian church space, was very memorable.

    • Celebrating with a synagogue partner would be awesome! I spent three years working as a housekeeper for an orthodox Jewish family in my younger years. It was and continues to be foundational to my call to ministry.

  2. Can I choose my own day for St. Elaine’s Day or maybe it would be better to say the celebration of Saint Purple!!!!!

    I love spritz cookies and yours look so professional.

    Blessings for the season to come!

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