Neglected Beauty

Normally, by this time of the year I have spent HOURS in my garden beds. Weeding. Mulching. Trimming. They have become us much a part of spring as getting the deck furniture out, having the first drink on it and the first bonfire of the season.

This year, between horrible spring weather and a heavier than usual ministry load, I have spent a grand total of two hours in the gardens. A weed-filled walkway,  the untrimmed shrubs stealthily lean over it, and the yet unfilled beds built last year remind me everyday that each there is WORK to be done.

And yet, still the lilac blooms. And the iris rise proudly. And the azaleas are alive with bees. In the tangle of last years leavings and this years new growth, there is the miracle of life rising. There is beauty.

Even as the cries of children spear my heart and an intense season of ministry threatens to overwhelm my spirit, there is beauty. I am reminded of how all this abundance just happens without me doing anything!  I am reminded (once again) to slow down and pay attention to what is growing in and around me, despite my neglect, perhaps even because of my neglect.

And that’s my window on God’s world.


6 thoughts on “Neglected Beauty

  1. Oh my I relate….the poppies burst forth in my garden, with no help from me …their vibrant orange and unapologetic favourite colour! No planters planted , no annuals planted in the array of empty planters but the bees buzz in the last of the quince bush blossoms and I am happy to see that.

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