Advent Word – Focus

I parked further away from the front door today than I usually do. I didn’t arrive until late morning and so there were other cars already parked. Tonight, when I was getting in my car to go home shortly after 5 pm, I noticed the shadow the wreath in the window was making on the far wall of the sanctuary. I grabbed my phone and moved closer and took a couple of pictures, got in my car, drove home and ate supper. 

When I took a closer look at the photos, I was struck by something that wasn’t what drew me to take the picture in the first place, the stars hanging on the far wall of the sanctuary were perfectly framed in the light of two other windows.

So often, we barely take a first glance, much less a second one. I could have so easily just gotten into my car and headed home at the end of a full day… but I would have missed the focus on the star. And I was reminded, that all I have to do is focus on following that star and everything else in this season will fall into place.  


Looking from outside into the sanctuary.

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