Friday Five – Holy/Thin Places

Over at RevGalBlogPals it’s Friday Five time! This time the question is about holy or thin places.

  1. Tatamagouche Centre, on the north shore of Nova Scotia.
  2. Conrad’s Beach, on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia.
  3. Seton Spirituality Centre, on the south shore of Nova Scotia.
  4. The first green shoots in the garden, so hopeful!
  5. Through my camera, with photography as a spiritual practice, ANY place can be a this place… a place where God is revealed and made known.
Beautiful Sunrise at Tatamagouche Centre – June 26, 2015
I spent two days tucked up in this corner at Seton Spirituality Centre.
I have spent more time at Conrad’s Beach than any other.
Hyacinth poking hopefully through the early spring soil.

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