Friday Five – If I Cleaned Out the Darkest Corners of the Closet!


Or in my case, if I cleaned out the darkest corners of my office!

Just to be clear, this is my study at home! I finished an Intentional Interim Ministry appointment yesterday and not starting another until September, so in the meantime, my study at home looks like this. I may just close the door, because there is not much I can do about it. The five things I found:

  1. I am the worst one with paper; I can find anything in my Dropbox; it’s all sorted out nicely with various folders and there is that amazing search function if I can’t remember where I filed something. Actual paper is another thing, no matter what system I try, it’s just all over the place. Last week I found Certificates of Membership that I had signed a year ago, but was waiting for the Chair of the Board to sign! They got thrown into the letter tray.
  2. A children’s book that I had looked high and low for at Pentecost.
  3. Stewardship material from a workshop I led in 2009! And two office moves ago! (More paper)
  4. Rocks, lots of rocks.
  5. Star words, lots of star words! Although these weren’t the ones I found. These were the ones that I based my last sermon on. They were the words I had drawn each year of the Interim Ministry. img_20190614_1400167.jpg

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