Advent Offering Hymn

Hope in our faith so filled with awe.
Hope in the promise of our God.
Hope for these gifts we offer here.
Use them and us throughout the year.

Peace is our hope for all the earth,
Peace in the promise of new birth.
Peace for those both far and near.
Peace now and all throughout the year.

Joyful is how we seek to live,
Joyful in what we each can give.
Joyful in what we speak and hear,
And joy in what we offer here.

Love fills our hearts and overflows,
Love fills our lives, expands and grows.
Loving is how we’re called to live,
Loving is how each one can give.

Hope in our God so filled with love.
Peace in the symbol of a dove.
Joy in the coming of the Son.
Love fills us up and makes us one.

Catherine MacDonald 2007

Tune – Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

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