Friday Five – Christmas Version!

1. What’s your favorite Christmas carol? O Come, All Ye Faithful, more for the stirring music than the words. 

2. What’s one you could go a long while without hearing? Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire. 

3. What’s your favorite “secular” Christmas song (ie, with Santa, reindeer, etc) So This Christmas, although the message is very sacred. John Lennon’s original version has been a favourite over the years, but Sarah MacLachlan’s version has become a VERY close second. 

4. What’s your favorite Christmas treat to eat? Shortbread cookies, especially the ones that I ‘accidentally’ cook too long! 

5. Share a favorite Christmas memory. It was a VERY long time ago; my son was almost 3 years old, the ONLY thing he wanted for Christmas was the Fisher Price Circus Train. I looked high and low, found it two days before Christmas. The memory of his joy that morning still makes me smile. 

circus train

Image from Amazon, where this ‘vintage’ one sells for $86! 

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