Friday Five – Wind!

Today’s Friday Five at RevGalBlogPals features five experiences of wind that offered an opportunity to pause and take in the wonder and power of it. I love Friday Five questions as they wind up making me think about things that I may not have.

  1. Waves crashing over the road in a hurricane.
  2. The wind in the trees behind the manse in Claremont, which reminded me of ocean waves, which was 1800k away.
  3. The wind on the lake at my parents’ cottage one day; I had taken my five year old out in the canoe and hadn’t realized how strong the wind was and how far it carried us down the lake, until I turned around to go back. I thought I was going to have to tie it up on the other side and have us walk back around. (LONG before the days of cellphones!)
  4. The wind one morning at my favourite beach, Conrad’s Beach. It was blowing so hard I could hardly stay upright, there was a large hollow scooped out in one of hin one of the grassy dunes and I went down into it. I could feel the power of the wind in the sand and still hear it roaring above me, but inside all was still.
  5. The way in which wind makes the invisible visible! The image is of a trees at sunset shining through a window on to this footstool.

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