Cracking Open

Like many others, I’m a first time vegetable gardener this year. Covid-19 and the enforced isolation at home, along with concerns about local food security, has many of us venturing into the new world of vegetable gardening.

I planted a variety of veggies last Friday, including radishes. Each morning, I eagerly searched for signs of growth and yesterday I was rewarded! Have you seen a radish seed? They are slightly bigger than the mustard seed that Jesus talked about, but less than the size of a peppercorn,  and yet, they contain everything necessary to create radishes!

In the chilly (here in Nova Scotia) spring, they do what they are made to do. Crack open and go towards light and life, lifting soil that is many times its weight. This photo I excitedly took a couple of morning ago seems to be a fitting metaphor of what we are called to do right now: stand together and crack open the ugly grave of racism and go towards new life.


And that’s my window on God’s world.

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