Friday Five – Sweet Things

Strawberry Galette

Over at the RevGalBlogPals Facebook page it’s Friday Five time and we are being invited to notice the ‘sweet things,’ those signs of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives right now.

  1. Sabbatical: While officially I’ve been on sabbatical/vacation since May 15th, I had a few pieces of work to finish up as part of my wider church responsibilities this week and now I am done, so TODAY is the first day of true sabbatical.
  2. Weeding: The look of a freshly weeded and mulched garden bed brings joy to my heart. While I like working in my garden beds, in fact just finished planting one of the vegetable beds, there’s a woman in my neighbourhood who can weed and edge a flowerbed in the spring in WAY less time than me. She did the two biggest ones, I did the smaller ones, she gets a bit of extra income and I am relieved of a task.
  3. Engage: This extended period of time off is giving me the opportunity to engage in a variety of things that otherwise I might not have time or energy for: helping my husband rebuild the deck, take an on-line course in social enterprise, read without particular goals in mind, daydream, pray, get out with my camera.
  4. Exercise: I started daily walking about a month ago, for years I have struggled to get enough exercise. I’ve been reading James Clear‘s Atomic Habits and something he wrote in it just clicked for me, don’t wait for motivation, just do it. So now, that’s what I do and much to my surprise, most days I am really enjoying it and I can feel myself getting stronger. And for someone who always thought she would be a morning walker, I do most of my walking at 7 pm. I have walked 25 out of the last 27 days. One day was sleet/hail and one day I was sick.
  5. Telephone calls: My adult son calls me every couple of days, for no particular reason, just to check in. So grateful for the relationship I have with him and his family, even as I miss them as we are back into restrictions.

That’s my window on God’s world.

What’s SWEET in your world these days?

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