Shubie Park

I’ve lived in and around Dartmouth, Nova Scotia for most of my adult life and this is the first time I’ve gone to Shubie Park! I took advantage of this gorgeous fall day, although these warm days in the first week of November are disturbing and concerning.

I have friends who walk their dogs at this park on a regular basis, it has an off leash section, although there were few dogs on leash anywhere! If you don’t like dogs or are afraid of them, this is not the park for you.

It’s a beautiful park with forest and lakefront, some camping spots available, kayak and paddleboat rentals and probably a few other things that I don’t know about. But it borders a busy highway and the NOISE from the traffic was at the very best a distraction and certainly didn’t enhance my time there. I found myself wondering if it’s quieter when there are leaves on the trees. I also realized that when I walk on the trail at the end of our street, I’m usually listening to a podcast with my earphones, so perhaps the trail is noisier than I thought too! I didn’t take them with me as I didn’t want anything to distract me from the experience of the park. Turns out, the earphones may have helped me experience the park in a more positive fashion!

That’s my window on God’s world today.

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