Stoney Beach

Ever since I moved to Nova Scotia, the ocean has been ‘my’ place. Whether I’m feeling sad or mad, or happy and excited, somehow the ocean soothes the sorrow and magnifies the joy. I headed out to my favourite beach on this beautiful Saturday afternoon… only to discover that MANY people had done the same thing. My favourite beach is not a provincial park, so there are only a few parking spots and it used to be a well kept secret… not any longer. The lineup of cars on the narrow road leading to the beach was longer than I cared to walk and I decided to head further along the coast.

Around a bend in the road a couple of dozen kites, sailing and wheeling on the wind caught my eye! I found a place to pull over and walked to the beach whether there were a few dozen, mostly young men, but at least two young women, catching the wind! I was completely entranced watching them, the strength, the agility and not once in the hour I stayed did I see anyone collide! What a demonstration of expertise and cooperation! I found myself wishing I were 20 years younger… and as soon as I had that thought, I had to revise it, maybe 30 years younger! But, as I often tell myself, “You’ll never be as young again as I am this minute, so appreciate what you are capable of doing now!”

Some of the photos are self explanatory, but I love the yin and yang of the two kites in the second photo. Apparently a mermaid visited this beach at some point! A variation of ‘Footprints in the Sand.’ The last picture of the multiple kites is from on top of the hill that you can see in the first photo of them. I confess that I drove up the hill and parked again! But apparently I can walk on water! Here is the screen shot of my walking app to prove it!

And that’s my window on God’s world.


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