Foiled Again!

Stained GlassMy husband and I signed up for a stained glass class with Lynette Richards of Rose Window Stained Glass last spring. We were unable to make the final class in June and Lynette graciously told us that we could come back and finish anytime that was convenient for us over the summer. The summer of my sabbatical stretched out before me, seemingly endless, there would be time for prayer and meditation, for soul satisfying walks along the beach, for days spent with a stack of books with a favourite beverage at my side. And of course, LOTS of time to finish foiling my stained glass project. But, before I knew it, the summer was almost gone, and we are headed to Lynett’es place tomorrow to finish up. All that remained to do on my design was to finish ‘foiling’ the pieces before soldering them together. Even though this is my first piece of stained glass, I quickly learned that foiling is my LEAST favourite part of creating one! It involves patience, attention to detail and precision. All that while deciding whether I can see better with our without my glasses. You see, you have this sticky foil that you have to wrap each piece of glass in, being careful to have the same amount on both sides. Solder doesn’t stick to glass, solder sticks to foil, so you have to foil the pieces in order for your pieces of glass to stick together.

As is always the case when my hands are occupied, my heart and head travel and reflect. I began to ponder about picking up the pieces of congregational ministry that I left in others’ care three months ago. What needs my time, attention to detail and patience? How has the light of God shone through their time without me and my time without them? What is the foil with which we need to edge ourselves? What are the sharp edges that we will hurt each other with? Will we ‘stick’ to each other in the coming months to create something beautiful out of our different parts?

And that’s my window on God’s world.

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