Random Friday Five

Cat MugI have missed a number of Friday Fives over the past few weeks as I experimented with having Monday off instead of Friday. FAIL! After 11 years of ministry where I took Fridays off barring emergencies, the change in rhythm did not work.

1.  What are you wearing right now?  (a question from my first FF play.) Purple striped fleece pyjama bottoms, differently striped purple t-shirt, purple hoodie. Apparently nobody told me that Lent is over!  

2.  What are you having for lunch (or dinner)?  (another question from my first FF play.) I think I will be having bacon and eggs for brunch when my husband gets up before I head out to a funeral this afternoon. 

3.  Share an experience of community that was transformative or precious to you. Witnessing how a community came together to support a young widow and her children after the sudden death of her husband.  

4.  Describe your favorite mug or glass. An hourglass shaped mug with cats on it. It’s colourful, lively, holds the right amount of coffee to drink without getting cold, feels good in my hand and has a thin lip. Plus, you know, cats! 

5.  Give a shout out to a friend or colleague! So many who have supported, encouraged, challenged me over the years! 

7 thoughts on “Random Friday Five

  1. Indeed it was hard for me to narrow down my shout outs so I did 3 and could have done about 50 more. All revgals are included.

  2. I am wearing a purple hoodie and have almost the exact mug, although mine is still packed from our West Coast downsizing, and I had bacon and eggs for supper last night. We are practically the same person!

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