Friday Five – Songs of Life

music-spiral-300x300Over at RevGals, it’s Friday Five time again.

This week it’s all about the music we listen to at various times.

1. What song do you listen to or sing to deal with times when you are sad? Taize chants, specifically In the Lord I’ll Be Ever Thankful. 

2. What’s a song that inspires you? am continually inspired by the pieces that are chosen for You Gotta Sing! Chorus, the community choir with which I sing. The choir director has an amazing ability to choose pieces that inspire, inform and delight.

3. What’s a song that reminds you of a happy time in your childhood? I don’t remember there being much music in my home growing up. And music class was the only class I ever got kicked out of when I was a child. Deservedly so… and my little sister who was in the class across the hall from me told on me! 

4. What’s a song that makes you want to dance? Anything middle eastern gets my belly dance on!

5. What’s a song that you share with someone you love? We sang I’ll Be There to Hear Your Borning Cry when the register was being signed at our wedding three years ago.

Bonus question: What’s a hymn or spiritual song you love to sing? Here, I am Lord, it touched my heart the very first time we sang it in church close to 20 years ago, it was sung at my ordination 11 years ago and continues to be a song that calls me into deeper discipleship.

Photo from FanFaire.

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