Friday Five – Hello/Good-bye

St. James Anglican Church , somewhere along the Gaspe Coast, not far from Chandler, QC.

St. James Anglican Church , somewhere along the Gaspe Coast, not far from Chandler, QC. The church isn’t being used anymore and the door was unlocked. It seems a fitting image for both good-byes and hellos.

It’s Friday Five time over at Revgals and today it’s all about hellos and good-byes.

I am saying “Hello” and/or “Goodbye” to:

  1. book – Hmm… I have a hard time saying good-bye to any books, but I did cull 3 from my library last week… of course, 3 out of about 3000… and I ordered three books for my Interim Ministry Training course at the end of September. 
  2. habit or practice – So many habits or practices I would like to either start or stop. But then they wind up sounding like New Year’s Resolutions… and we all know what happens to most of them.  So, I will pick one: walking three times a week. 
  3. idea – Saying good-bye to the idea that I have any control over most outcomes. Parker Palmer’s concept of ‘way’ has to close before ‘way’ can open is at the forefront right now. 
  4. food – Hello healthier eating. I have been gained and lost several persons in my life time… the last time it came off so slowly that I thought it was gone for good. But three years later I am back up to what I was plus a few more. So back to Weight Watchers yesterday. 
  5. person – Ministry always seems to be full of good-byes and hellos. Last week I said good-bye to my youngest nephew as he left for basic training in the Canadian Army. 

4 thoughts on “Friday Five – Hello/Good-bye

  1. Your first one made me laugh. Culling 3 books is a win, I think. I found myself looking for a book this week that I think had had let go of in a great moving purge, so there is that. 4 is also something I must do, but am struggling with. –Wendy

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