Saying Good-Bye…

Last night I said good-bye to a long time companion… a companion that was with me in my last year of being a financial planner… a companion that accompanied me to the scary world of theological school… a companion that kept me safe on my internship in Newfoundland… a companion that hummed all the way to my first pastoral charge in Ontario… and a companion that hummed a little louder 4 years later when I came home to Nova Scotia.

Like many long time companions, we had our ups and downs… times when we thought there might be something better out there… and let’s face it, each of us had more creaks and groans with every passing year… and sometimes my companion needed special attention to get going in the morning… but constant devotion kept us together for fifteen years.

We both knew that our time together would eventually come to an end… and last night my companion went home with a younger woman… and I blessed her on her way!




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