Friday Five – Transitions

DSC06164Over at Revgals, it’s Friday Five time and this week it is all about transitions… whatever transitions those might be.

  1. The weather of course is transitioning from one season to another here in Nova Scotia. Although the showers and chilly temperatures continue into May. Despite that, plants are poking their new life out of the soil and leaves are budding out on the trees.
  2. I am four months into my first Interim Ministry appointment and I am loving the work. After almost 12 years of ordained ministry, I may have found my niche.
  3. My sister and I started going to the gym together about 2 months ago. I have been very inactive the last few years. My body is transitioning to greater strength… still not liking the VERY early morning though!
  4. A few colleagues and I are going to spend a few days in June looking closely at the work of Brene Brown and I am SO looking forward to the Why Christian?  Conference in Chicago in September.
  5. The congregations I serve are in transition, as together we explore how to be church in this time and place. We are in the easy stages of a 2 1/2 year appointment. In this stage, we are hosting Listening Circles and I am mostly getting to know them. The more challenging work will start in the fall.

10 thoughts on “Friday Five – Transitions

  1. These all sound like wonderful things–what a gift that your transitions are taking you from strength to strength. Thanks for playing!

  2. It is such a good feeling when it feels like all the dots are connecting in your call. Hope you will share your perspectives on your upcoming events as well.

  3. I am transitioning at home trying to get the ambition and energy together to paint my much needed kitchen. Been going to do this for 2 years now, hopefully I will have it done before Maritime Conference.. I also have to transplant some of my perennials, they are spreading too much in an area where I don’t want them. I could go on but will stop there for today, I have many Blessings to count and many prayers for Fort Mac.

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