Friday Five – The Weekend!


Time to pull this out… it has provided texture over the winter. 

Over at RevGals, it’s Friday Five time again and this week it is about the weekend! What is going on, how to describe it.

Wondering: It’s the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada and I am wondering why I didn’t take this Sunday as one of the extra Sundays off that I negotiated.

Gardening: It’s the unofficial kickoff to gardening season; the garden centres etc. will be crowded, especially if the weather holds. We are getting soil and mulch and I plan to work in my flower beds.

Bonfire: This is often when we host the first bonfire of the season.

Puttering: I like putting things in order and I may have time this weekend to do so, there is something spiritual about creating order out of chaos rather than rushing through a ‘to do’ list.

Rest: Last Sunday, I conducted two services, hosted a ‘Listening Circle’ as part of my Interim Ministry work, followed by visiting and worshiping with a congregation in the presbytery as part of my Pastoral Oversight work, followed by a full day on Monday. This Sunday, it is just two services, followed by nothing. And Monday is a statutory holiday.




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