Friday Five: Love Is Love Is Love

So many tragic deaths this past week… within the communities in which I minister and far beyond that. So much grief… so many lives changed forever.

For a variety of reasons, it’s been quite a few weeks since I played the RevGals Friday Five. Today the question is: What five quotes, or memes, or friend’s posts, or actions by others have helped, informed, encouraged, or comforted you this week?

On Tuesday this went up on the sign outside one of the churches I serve: 13450812_10208435237612184_4870055453041072919_n

Halifax Presbytery made this statement and meme to distribute:


This image of people lining up to donate blood in Florida:

blood donors

This Mr. Roger’s meme:


Despite the distance still to go in reconciliation, marking the 30th anniversary of my denomination’s apology to First Nations people.


Bonus: On Sunday I will be baptizing a woman and her daughter; a sign of love, grace and hope in the world!

What helps you to remain hopful?


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