Friday Five – Houses


2014Over at RevGals its Friday Five time!

We built our house not quite 4 years ago and spent a fair bit of time imagining the spaces. Or rather, I did. My husband, who was able to be on site every day was more concerned with practicalities.

  1. What is the most important room in your home? What requirements do you have of this room? (Sure, you can answer “bathroom,” but we can stipulate that as a reasonable assumption and you can pick the second most important room). There were two key things that were important to us. One was that we build on one floor; I didn’t want to build a house at my age that I would have to move out of when I got older, so we built a bungalow. It does have two steps up, but we can easily put a ramp instead. And I wanted a walk-in closet, because you know, clothes! And we wanted an open concept floor plan because we have a large extended family and wanted space to easily host gatherings. 
  2. What is the least important room in your home? The one you use the least, or are not very picky about? Hmm… we have a completely finished basement, it has a guest room and bathroom, pool table, some exercise equipment and storage rooms. It’s rarely used unless we have company. 
  3. Do you have preferences for your neighborhood? What are they? Commuting distance was a big thing for me. I had been living just 2 kilometers from the church I served and didn’t want a long commute. My husband owned a small, old house about 30 minutes from the church and after searching to buy something we would both be happy with, we decided to tear down the old one and build new. It’s a beautiful, largge piece of property. IMG-20120118-00271
  4. If your elementary aged offspring were to choose colors for their rooms, would any color be off limits? My son has a family of his own now, but there weren’t any colours off limits when he was younger. 
  5. What is your best piece of packing or moving advice? Pack your coffee maker and fixings, toilet paper, facecloth and towels and cleaning supplies in your car, no matter how short or long your move! 

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