Advent Photo A Day: Rely

woody2One of the dictionaries I consulted defined rely as this: Depend on with full trust or confidence. I can rely on my husband. Here he is just starting to clear out the driveway, he will continue with the walkways and I think he even cleared off my car.

When we were building our house, my husband and I disagreed about an attached garage. I wanted one because I had been living in an apartment with underground, heated parking and didn’t relish the thought of clearing my car off all winter long. My husband didn’t want one because he likes to tinker with cars and didn’t want any possibility of exhaust transferring into the house. He got his own way! However, what he agreed to was that he would clear the driveway and clean off my car on winter mornings, and for the most part he does.

He may not be one for grand romantic gestures, although occasionally he surprises me with flowers or something he knows I wouldn’t buy for myself, I know, deep in my heart and in my bones that I can rely on him, and that’s better than flowers (almost) any day.

2 thoughts on “Advent Photo A Day: Rely

  1. Rev. Catherine, that is one of the best meanings of
    ” Rely ” that I have heard in a long time. You are a very lucky lady.

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