Advent Photo A Day: Mend

mendNot everything that is broken can be mended. These two stars words that we will be giving out on Christmas Eve can’t be fixed. You’d think that a minister could at least spell gospel correctly! But no, not content with misspelling it once, I did it twice!

This mistake is evident, but that is not the case with many events and decisions in our lives. What may seem like a wrong turn in the beginning may lead us into the greatest blessing. And vice versa.

The challenge is in knowing when to continue pushing forward, to repair the cracks in a foundation and when to stop trying. Both can be good and gospel filled decisions, perhaps only in retrospect. Spending time in prayer and meditation, listening to the Spirit;s guidance can bring clarity.

Regardless of how I spell it, the gospel is only Good News if it is Good News for all people! And I will continue to do my part to mend the world.

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