Friday Five: Lists

Over at RevGals is Friday Five time and this time its all about lists that we make. Personal… professional… seasonal… and at this time of year, they all collide.

I used to make separate personal and church lists on paper, although I tried to use the same notebook, but that became unproductive as I never seemed to have the notebook handy when I wanted to add something. Enter Google calendar! Google calendar is my friend! I do all my list making on it. If it’s on the calendar, it usually gets done and if it doesn’t get done, it can easily be moved to another date. I can set up recurring tasks, such as the weekly email blast I do to the congregation each week. I can invite my husband to a particular event. Yes, I love my Google calendar!

Some of the things on my list this week:

  1. 2016-12-pop-up-christmas-landscape-page-001Getting readers and greeters for the various Christmas Eve services.
  2. Baking.
  3. Getting ready for our first ‘Pop-Up Christmas Story & Carols’ at a local cafe. (Excited and nervous about that!)
  4. Writing on over 400 wooden stars and then gluing them to bookmarks I made, to give out on Christmas Eve, (that’s another blog post).
  5. Proofreading a multitude of bulletins!


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