Friday Five: Random!


Seaweed on a Cuban beach. 

1. What’s the weather like where you are? 0 Celsius or 32 Farenhheit. Overcast and light snow. 

2. What is your dream vacation spot and/or activity? Anywhere next to the water. We enjoyed  great week in Cuba last winter, contemplating Newfoundland this summer. 

3. What book are you currently reading? (Just pick one. I know how you people are) The Bible! 😉 Seriously, a group of us on Facebook are doing a five day reading plan, which is helpful because it gives you days to catch up. I just started the Truth and Reconciliation Report on Canada’s relationship with our First Nations people, in preparation for focusing on that relationship during Lent. And at night, I am reading a romance by Diane Chamberlain. 

4. Name a household chore you don’t mind doing. Laundry. There is a start and a finish. 

5. You have an unexpectedly free afternoon. What do you do? (This is only a hypothetical, sorry. I can’t be going around handing out vacation time). Perhaps just stick my nose in a book, perhaps go outside with my camera, perhaps spend a little time with my mentor. 

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