Friday Five: Summer!

Over at RevGals, the question today is: What are five activities or events that must be in your summer calendar in order for it to feel like a true “summer?”


Conrad’s Beach, Nova Scotia

What a perfect question on the first day of my month’s vacation!

  1. Ocean time – There is nowhere in Nova Scotia that is more than an hour or so to the ocean, so there is no excuse for not taking advantage of ‘Canada’s Ocean Playground.’ The ocean renews and restores my soul… the sound, the scent, the very air.
  2. Swing time – We bought a new porch swing this year, this one with a canopy, I am looking forward to sitting out there with a book and some coffee or wine.
  3. Unscheduled time – While we usually plan on some sort of trip for part of my vacation, the majority is spent in unplanned days, which are sheer luxury.
  4. Bonfires! – We often have bonfires in our backyard, sometimes it’s just the two of us, sometimes many more than that. Nothing says summer like your clothes smelling like smoke and bug spray while roasting hotdogs and marshmallows and enjoying an adult beverage or two.
  5. Granddaughter time – With school and jobs for my granddaughters and ministry for me, I don’t get to spend as much time with them as I would like.  I feel lucky that they live within 45 minutes.


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