Schrödinger’s Camera Card


A colleague who expressed appreciation for my nature photography asked me if I ever did family photos. She and her husband, their adult children, one partner, along with two dogs, were all going to be in the same place, at the same time and she wanted a family photo. I told her no, that I hadn’t done family photos, but that I would be willing to use them as guinea pigs or connect her with a couple of people who did that. Upon assuring me that she wasn’t looking for staged photos, but simply one of them all together, I said sure!

We agreed on a time and place, I did some reading online about taking family photos, the day came and the weather cooperated. I arrived at Point Pleasant Park about 45 minutes early to scout out a few places. They arrived and I took some photos in a couple of different places and we parted ways.

So, where does Schrödinger fit you ask? You see, usually when I finish a photography session, I am anxious to download the images and see what I have captured. I haven’t had the nerve yet. And it’s two days later. Mind you, one of those days was Sunday, with a workshop after church. Somewhere in the back of my mind lurks the idea that by leaving the card in my camera the images are both good and bad. Or both alive and dead. But once I insert that little card into my computer, which it will be, will be revealed.

Is tonight the night?

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