Prayers Kneaded into Bread Communion Liturgy

A week ago, we kneaded prayers into bread dough. (Thanks to John Pentland for that idea)


I took the dough home and baked it.



Yesterday, we celebrated communion using that bread.


I wrote a simple communion liturgy to go along with it.

The Sacrament of Holy Communion

The Invitation

Passing of the Peace

The peace of Christ be with you.
And also with you.

The Great Prayer

Why do we give thanks and pray at this table?
We give thanks because God is always with us.
We pray because that is how we connect with God.

How can we pray?
We can pray with words and music, in art and dance.
In a hug and a handshake, in silence or out loud.

Is this prayer special?
It is special! This is the time when we give God thanks for all of creation, for the plants and the animals, the birds and the water.

What about us?
Yes, we give God thanks for all the people!
The prophets and preachers, the midwives and judges.

What about Jesus?
Yes, we give thanks for Jesus!

What did Jesus teach us?
To love God and love our neighbour as ourselves!

How do we do that?
By sharing what we have with others.

What about this bread?
We share this bread with all who are hungry!

What about the juice?
We share that too!

What’s so special about this meal?
Can you tell us?

Telling the Story – On the night before he died… 

Praying for the World

Let’s say the special prayer together
Send O God your Holy Spirit, on this bread, may the prayers that were kneaded in it be broken open and spread throughout the world. May this juice ease all who are thirsty. Amen.

Prayer After Communion

What do we do now?
We go about our daily lives,
knowing that we are living prayers! Amen!


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