Weaving a Community


One of my colleagues commented last week that she has a completely different position now and she stayed with the same congregation! There is some truth to that, some of the skills ministers need are different, and we need to be conscious of those in our faith communities and beyond who do not have access to technology.

But the primary functions of ministry in the United Church are still the same: we gather, we share words that connect us to the Biblical story, we care for one another. How that is lived out is very different than it was two short weeks ago! As an Intentional Interim Minister, routine pastoral care is not part of my responsibilities. With the times anything BUT routine, I have started making sure I connect with my parishioners, starting with phone calls.

I am a beginning weaver and was gifted a loom last year, which I have not used! I was however taking a class and had high hopes, it’s quite complex to get the fibre on the loom. The actual weaving is relatively easy. The only spot that it fit was in my study at home where a table used to be. I found that I almost never used the table, sold it. and now with working from home, I am missing it! The loom is the perfect height for Zoom meetings!

Last week I posted a picture of the setup I had for leading worship via Zoom and my friends quickly responded!

Cathie Eisenhauer said: Years ago when I was a Guider, the National office issued the music and words to “Weave, Weave, Weave Us Together”. This reminds me of that song.

Orin Eisenhauer, Cathie’s husband, and a fellow weaver, had this to say, “I thought something was looming.”

Bob Fillier simply said, “Loomlive. Lol”

Bev Daley commented, “Wow! Weaving The Word from a loom. Inspiring set-up.”

Lynda Sitland, one of my parishioners said, “Nice pulpit!! LOL!”

Two people, Pegi Rideout and Katherine Burgess thought my computer was on top of an organ!

Evelyn McLachlan had these words of affirmation, “You will no doubt weave a powerful worship!”

Christina Berry coined this phrase, “Zoom in a loom!”

Pix Butt, long time friend from theological school had this to say, “Looks like you’ll weave a lovely time :-)”

We will continue to weave community, with love, humour and intention.

That’s my window on God’s world.

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