The Eighth Day of Christmas

It may be New Year’s Day, but it’s also the eighth day of Christmas, so here are 8 reasons I have to be grateful today:

  1. I slept for almost 7 hours last night! I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain overnight lately and to have that much uninterrupted sleep was amazing and I don’t take it for granted.
  2. Heat that comes on at the touch of a button in the morning.
  3. Coffee that is ready and waiting for me when I get up, as long as it’s not before 6:30 am!
  4. Books, both physical and electronic, the ability to read and a gift card to Chapters from Courtney and Ahmad. And a MOST helpful staff person at Chapters on the phone yesterday when I scratched off the PIN and it was indecipherable.
  5. Days off. I love ministry, I love the business of the leadup to Christmas, I love the challenge of Interim Ministry. But I also I love it when the leadership of a congregation understands that ministry doesn’t fit neatly into 9-5 and 40 hour work weeks, and supports taking missed days off, and so I am enjoying some much needed unscheduled time.
  6. Medication! If I had lived 100 years ago, who knows what kind of shape I would be in!
  7. For mousetraps! Enough said!
  8. Enough. I am grateful for enough. Enough food, enough love, enough challenge, enough joy, enough sorrow, enough.

And that’s my window on God’s world.

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