Friday Five – Five Things About Christmas plus a bonus one!


This Friday we are invited to choose 5 Christmas memories, traditions, plans hopes etc, so I am choosing 5 favourite traditions.

1. Making shortbread cookies, it’s the only time of the year when I do, this year I added toffee bits to them. YUM!

2. Decorating the tree with my youngest granddaughter. Lucy is 5 and this is the second year we have done it. It’s amazing how much less time it took this year. Her manual dexterity is SO much greater than last year.

3. The ‘Little People’s’ Service that we started a few years ago at my church. The children are so attentive to the story,

4. The ‘Light in the Darkness’ service that we host the week before Christmas.

5. Coming home Christmas Eve, having a glass of wine with my husband.

6. The ‘Tacky Gift Exchange’ that my extended family do each year after Christmas Dinner, where there is bargaining, side deals and much laughter.

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